The NKZ project will set a Business Listing and an advertisement platform for
SERVICES and businesses across Nigeria through a WEBSITE and an APP.
The platform will increase the online visibility of Vendors, Suppliers, services
Providers and will be accessible to all types of businesses including micro
Business will be able to patronize their services and product by self-Services
management through their accounts, their adds, their products and Services
A number of small and Medium Enterprises experience challenges to establish
their presence and enhance the visibility on the web due to: Cost of
advertisement, Internet Access Connection; unavailability of Computer or
smart phone, Computer illiteracy.
The AVATAR PROGRAM will address this issue by allowing businesses to
select their Business Avatar which will be their registered Marketers in charge
of coaching their registration process and their marketing.
All Businesses will also have the possibility to apply for the AVATAR
PROGRAM as Business Avatar (Marketer) for others Business and earn
Commissions related to registration process or subscription.

Businesses that want to benefit to our BUSINESS AFFILIATE PROGRAM meant
for BUSINESSES willing to promote their SERVICES and PRODUCTS through
our website, our platform and our ADDs on Google are welcome to apply.

The WEBSITE and the APPS will be accessible to more than 100 Million
internet Users in the country as well as the internet community around the
world and the launching is forecasted to be out before the end of October


Lavista Court, Abuja.


Email: info@daitransltd.com
Phone: +2347038085365